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Flapper is an alternative to GraphQL for Gatsby.

Flapper's build process has three steps:

  • Load your data from somewhere
  • Make arbitrary transformations to it
  • Map the data to URLs and templates

That really is it. You're not locked into "pages" and "posts".

If you want "article series", or "projects", or any other content metaphor, you can just build it.

Flapper is a Gatsby Plugin

Flapper is a plugin for Gatsby and replaces GraphQL for building your site's data-model.

It's a lot of work to get your data into GraphQL just to get it out again.

To get your data into GraphQL, you must already have your data on hand. Why not just use it right then?

Flapper lets you just map your data to URLs and Templates without fuss.

This site was built using Flapper.